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MIYOME company’s logo is presented by a five-pointed maple leave. The maple leave is indicating its meaning of natural where all the MIYOME products are extracted from natural ingredients. The five points on the leave are representing the five major principals which are persistency, understanding of women’s need, transmission of knowledge, innovation management and sincere services.

We deeply understand the essential needs of Asia women’s skin. We listen with heart and passion to solve your problem, bring you pride for yourself and help you discover your own true beauty. And we believe MIYOME is an effective skin care product to solve the skin problems of Asia’s women. MIYOME is a product perfectly fits and understands the biological structure of the Asia women’s skin. A brilliant choice is important to ensure an eternal beauty.

This is the first and basic principal of our company. Persistent is important for the execution of the business as it leads to the mission that we have planned.

There is no ugly woman but lazy woman. Each and every woman may thrive for their beauty. Thus, we are here to fulfill the dreams of every woman. We provide you the ever finest quality product, accomplishing your dreams of having a perfect lubricant skin.

We transmit the most simple yet useful knowledge of beauty care, have them all at your fingertips. You will surprise that it is so easy to keep your beauty.

Innovative medical union of knowledge and technology is one of our missions. We pursue advance and innovation in software technology striving for improvement in planning, managing and marketing. We urge for innovation and improvement in product quality to serve you the best of the best.

We tell no lies but the truth. We sincerely implement the principals, respect and secure our wholesalers and partners. We do not simply give our promise, but once given, we strive to be the most reliable one.



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