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Formation of Acnes


Stratum Corneum : Stratum Corneum is the top layer of the epidermis. The metabolism cycle of stratum corneum is 28 days. Normally it will shed away in one complete metabolism cycle. And if it is not, it will form a thick layer on the skin which is now called the dead skin cell and blocks the sebaceous gland from functioning properly, thus helps the growth of acnes.
Sebaceous Gland : The main source of the skin for secretion of sebum. It performs continuously for the whole year long to moisture the skin. It is especially active during summer and spring season. Anyway, level of sebum secretion is different between people due to different texture complexion. Therefore, a person with hyper-active secretion will normally have an oily skin. Acne will easily formed on the oily skin if the dead skin cells became thicker and causing blockage to the pores.
How does acne grow?
Thick dead skin cell + Excessive sebum secretion = Whitehead
Acne + Skin surface oxidation = Blackhead
Whitehead + Rough cell fiber = Tubercle
Tubercle + Bacillus = Inflamed Acne
Inflamed acne + Bacteria multiplying and infection = Cluster Acnes
1. Whitehead
Related to the changes of hormone. About of the youngsters will encounter whitehead problem at their puberty. Whitehead is the former stage of acne. It is the stage where the acne is yet to be inflamed.

2. Stress Acne
Life style is the main factor. Stress too leads to acnes. Normally it is due to frequent practice of staying late at night and lack of sleep. Those who always work for long hours or undergo a serious stress from academy will also tend to have acnes. When one is under stress, the adrenal gland will release adrenalin, steroid and estrogens to provide energy to the body. Meantime, it induces the excessive secretion from the sebum hence causing acnes.

3. Adult Acne
There are several reasons which contribute to the adult acnes. Other than stress, hormone is another major cause to acnes. For example, 60% of the women will encounter serious acnes problem during the premenstrual phase. When stepping into ovulation period, releasing of female Lutein hormone will stimulate progesterone. The latter will induce the secretion of sebum results in oily skin and acnes. Besides, usage of unsuitable cosmetic and beauty care products also lead to the growth of adult acnes. Genetic of oneself also decides the skin texture which causes acnes easily.

4. Medicine Side Effect
Steroid, female hormone and certain chemotherapy medicine are the causes of acnes.

5. Ingredients of Cosmetics
Most of the acnes patients have an oily skin whereas oily skin is only one of the many reasons for causing acnes. Even dry skin texture will also have acnes. Nowadays, the beauty care products are overwhelming in the market with various multi functions. Though a proper hydration care is able to maintain the hydro effect and usage of anti-aging products to delay the aging process, one should carefully decide the suitable product because different skin texture will need different care. For example an oily based moisturizer or too powerful sun protection cream is not suitable for oily skin type. Unfit product results in adult acnes. Frequent usage of mask or over moisture are the simply reason for acnes to grow among the acnes patients. Applying of yogurt, toothpaste and saliva are not the brilliant ways. It will only exacerbate the acne.

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