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Acne Scars

The repugnance of having acnes is the post acne scars. There are 3 types of outlook for the scars such as pigment scar, obtrusive scar and sagging scar. The forming of the scars is actually related to the skin colour, skin texture, inflame level and external factor as well.
1) The occurrence of obtrusive and pigment scars are mainly caused by discoloration where red and dark spots appear. Dilated blood vessel is one of the results after acnes get inflamed. Some are found obtrusive due to the failure ability of skin to perform pigment metabolism.
2) When excessive sebum is obstructed in the follicle and at the same time surrounded by dead skin cells, this will result in follicle cyst. It will becoming worse when infected by bacteria and causing irritation. Cutaneous inflammation will bring damages to the skin collagen. When this happens, the epidermis will collapse and cause a sag on the skin. Normally the skin will automatically repair the damages but if the collagen has been spoiled as well, then the skin will loose its ability to repair the damages results in permanent sag on the skin.

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