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Eight Essential Steps of Anti-Acne


Step 1 : Practice a proper way of facial cleansing.
Massage gently to avoid crushing of acnes. Otherwise, it will exacerbate the acne’s wound. It is not encouraging tohave frequent cleansing. Maximum three times per day is considered sufficient as frequent cleansing will cause dryness to the skin. Sebaceous gland will react to the dryness hence activate for more secretion which creates a good environment for acnes.

Step 2 : Do not squeeze the acnes
One may think that squeezing the pus is a faster way to cure the acnes. This is absolutely mistaken because it will cause damages to the skin such as sagging scar, darkspots, skin redness and dilated blood vessels. Acnes will also easily grow at the same spot after squeezing. The prudent way is to be patient as it will flake after dry off within 2 or 3 weeks.

Step3 : Reduce expose to the sun
Serious acnes result in pigment scars even after fully recovered. When expose to the sun, UV light will discolour the pigment, creating red and dark spots on the skin. Thus causing uneven brightness to the complexion. Besides, UV light also damages skin structure causing sensitivity following by growing of acnes. Therefore, it is always necessary to apply some sun protection product whenever staying under the sun.

Step 4 : Do not steam your face
Over heat will damage the skin, causing more skin redness and swollen, even breakage to the pores. Steam activates blood circulation, exacerbates the grievous wound and multiplying the growth of acnes.

Step 5 : Do not use rough granule scrub
Rough granule scrub is not suitable for acne patients as it will aggravate the acne wounds during the actions of scrubbing. Thus, acnes tend to get inflamed when the wounds lost the heeling power after being damaged.

Step 6 : Do not stay up late at night
A sufficient rest is necessary. Keeping a healthy body is important as it helps to improve acne problems.

Step 7 : Avoid frequent intake of cigarette, caffeine and alcoholic drinks
All these stimulants contain active ingredients that stimulate human cells and change the skin structure.

Step 8 : Do not use hard-pulling peeling mask
Though peeling mask helps eliminate whiteheads, simultaneously it causes damage to the skin structure and even a dryer skin which easily irritate by external stimulants. Therefore, it is not the final solution to the acnes.

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